Kanin Club

by Nelson Caparas

I’ve been dieting, avoiding meat and rice (and everything white) for a few weeks now, but I never forget my cheat days – weekend! Mother and big sister haven’t tried Kanin Club yet so I brought them there today. I love the place, it’s the perfect restaurant to dive in when you’re on a cheat day or if you just want to pig out with your family and friends. But still be mindful of what you eat, too much is always not good. Unless you want to die young and fat, dine in here everyday. :D

I always bring Nikki (my camera) when I go there, the dishes are almost perfect for food photo-shoot. Those pictures of Kanin Club’s viands you see on ads, magazines, posters, et al, look exactly the same when they serve it to you.

Here are my photos. I used Frametastic and Instagram to create these collages.

Nelson Caparas - Kanin Club

Fully Loaded Rice, Tinapa Rice & Crispy Dinuguan

Nelson Caparas - Kanin Club with Delia Caparas and Nancy Caparas

My mother and big sister with Seafood Kare-kare and Daing na Bangus :D

Nelson Caparas - Kanin Club Sinangag na Sinigang and Crispy Pata with Chicharon

Sinangag na Sinigang and Crispy Pata with Chicharon

I also tried their Laing and Aligue Rice which are good as well, I just don’t have pictures because it’s on Ish‘s BlackBerry. This restaurant is highly recommended! The interior is pretty nifty, you’ll feel the Filipinoism of the place (click here for more photos). From its ambiance and choice of music, so kusinang Pinoy! :)

Kanin Club’s Facebook Fan Page

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