Silver Plus One

by Nelson Caparas

I am now over a quarter century (sounds so old) and today is my first year of being 25. Just like in the movie In Time (where people don’t age after 25 so long as they have enough “time” to live), I’ll do my best to feel and look 25 forever. Oh well, good luck with that. My original post for my natal day isn’t this, I’m just too preoccupied with a lot of things lately (work, Draw Something, The Hunger Games, loads of TV Series. I know, I know. :D ). I’ll probably post it before the month ends. For  now, let me share you how I look like 25 years ago.

Nelson Caparas Baby

One year old Nelson Caparas taken at Dors Studio

Thanks to those who greeted me on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, forums and SMS, that’s enough to complete my special day. That’s the only thing that makes someone’s birthday different from the normal days. You don’t get a lot of mentions, wall posts, e-mails and text messages in a normal day, yes? The day probably has not started yet but I need to sleep now. Good night! :)

Thanks to my favorite sister’s Cloud Nine Cake from Claudette’s. It was really good! :p

Claudette's Cloud Nine Cake

Claudette's Cloud Nine Cake

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