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Kanin Club

I’ve been dieting, avoiding meat and rice (and everything white) for a few weeks now, but I never forget my cheat days – weekend! Mother and big sister haven’t tried Kanin Club yet so I brought them there today. I love the place, it’s the perfect restaurant to dive in when you’re on a cheat day or if you just want to pig out with your family and friends. But still be mindful of what you eat, too much is always not good. Unless you want to die young and fat, dine in here everyday. :D

I always bring Nikki (my camera) when I go there, the dishes are almost perfect for food photo-shoot. Those pictures of Kanin Club’s viands you see on ads, magazines, posters, et al, look exactly the same when they serve it to you.

Here are my photos. I used Frametastic and Instagram to create these collages.

Nelson Caparas - Kanin Club

Fully Loaded Rice, Tinapa Rice & Crispy Dinuguan

Nelson Caparas - Kanin Club with Delia Caparas and Nancy Caparas

My mother and big sister with Seafood Kare-kare and Daing na Bangus :D

Nelson Caparas - Kanin Club Sinangag na Sinigang and Crispy Pata with Chicharon

Sinangag na Sinigang and Crispy Pata with Chicharon

I also tried their Laing and Aligue Rice which are good as well, I just don’t have pictures because it’s on Ish‘s BlackBerry. This restaurant is highly recommended! The interior is pretty nifty, you’ll feel the Filipinoism of the place (click here for more photos). From its ambiance and choice of music, so kusinang Pinoy! :)

Kanin Club’s Facebook Fan Page


Some time in the middle of 2011, my friends and I organized our first trip for 2012 and that is to visit and stay for a week in Cebu to witness Sinulog Festival for the first time. But before the scheduled flight, plans changed. It’s going to be more fun if we explore the city for a few days and then go somewhere that has white sand and exceptional view of sunset instead. :D We then decided to spend the first day in Cebu and the rest of the days in Bohol. :)

On the first day of our long vacation (after leaving our things in SM Cebu Travelers’ Lounge), we hurriedly went to CnT Lechon to have lunch. The three of us were excited to finally devour Cebu’s famous sinful delicacy and compare it to normal lechons in NCR. I did not like it, it’s too salty for me. Aside from that, I ended up hating myself because of the guilt that almost killed me for eating pork.

Cebu Lechon

CnT Cebu Lechon taken by Nelson Caparas

After the tasteful lunch at CnT, we all agreed to check out one of the temples in Cebu, the Philippine Taoist Temple. Because unlike Phu Sian Temple, the Taoist temple is open to the worshipers and non-worshipers. Devotees have this ritual where one prays to the gods to grant one’s wish. I didn’t try it though, I am focused on taking pictures and resting because reaching the top of the temple is no joke.

The Philippine Taoist Temple

The Philippine Taoist Temple taken by Nelson Caparas

This is the view from the top of the Taoist Temple.

The view from the Taoist Temple taken by Nelson Caparas

We left the temple at around 12:00 noon, we still have 2 hours til check-in time so we just went back to SM City Cebu to shop, eat and explore. After all of the time killing, we just slept in the hotel and wait til the clock hits 6:00PM for our Sky Experience Adventure.

Located on the top of Crown Regency Hotels and Towers are Skywalk Extreme, Edge Coaster, etc. Before we hit Sparkz and stuff ourselves with different kinds of food, we experienced Edge Coaster which is a bit disappointing because it’s only a 2-minute ride on the edge of the building. :D The view is breathtaking though and I admit, it is way more exciting than just walking on a wide glass ledge wearing a terrible orange jumpsuit (I’m talking about Skywalk Extreme). Good thing I survived that ride in one piece.

Sky Experience Adventure - Edge Coaster

I was so happy in the picture because I know, I get to eat all gourmet food I can from different countries after the ride. :D
Here are some of the photos I took while having dinner at Sparkz (put your cursor on the image and scroll to view all).

Nelson Caparas Sparkz Crown Regency PhotosNelson Caparas Sparkz Crown Regency PhotosNelson Caparas Sparkz Crown Regency Photos

The downside of having laid back friends like myself, we are all so lazy to go out and explore. :D
Right after having breakfast in Jollibee, we spent our second and last day in Cebu buying pasalubongs (at Tabo-an market). We were able to check out Magellan’s Cross too which is just right beside Basilica Del Sto. Niño.

Magellan’s Cross taken by Joy Marie Lapuz

Magellan's Cross taken by Joy Marie Lapuz
Basilica Del Sto. Niño

Basilica Del Sto. Nino, Cebu taken by Nelson Caparas

That’s pretty much it. At exactly 12:00 noon, we were already at Cebu Port waiting for SuperCat bound for Tagbilaran. All of us were very excited for the beach. Ha! Here’s a collage of the photos I took from our Cebu trip. Just click on the image to view a slideshow of pictures.

Cebu Collage by Photovisi



I really appreciate the cab drivers’ honesty. They were indeed way better and nicer than cab drivers in Manila. ;)
I <3 Cebu.

Ryuma Restaurant

A good friend of mine is leaving for Japan on Sunday morning. A few weeks back, we met in a coffee shop in Alabang to catch up, since we haven’t seen each other for almost three years. After spending more or less 5 hours of talking about each other’s life, we planned to do it again right before she leaves. We are both fascinated by Japanese culture (anime, J-Pop, J-Dorama, et al), so she suggested perhaps stuff ourselves with authentic Japanese cuisine.

There’s a new Japanese Restaurant near our place called Ryuma Restaurant. It is located in Paseo de Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa City, Laguna. I read tons of good reviews about it, some say it’s hard to explain the Ryuma experience unless you’ve been there often enough. We decided to meet there today with a few friends from college, surprisingly, it ended up like a small reunion.

Enclosed in glass cabinets, Japanese-inscribed messages all over the place, well-lit and people in native Japanese costumes, you may find it a bit intimidating. But what many people are not aware of is that this restaurant gives its customers much more than just authentically prepared dishes.

Warm greetings in Nihongo from the crew will welcome you right before you enter the restaurant. The place is filled with different kinds of toys, they welcome kids below 10 years old with free ice cream, pop corn and sometimes, cotton candy. Plus a chance to spin a wheel and win a toy (that’s really nice). Like a normal Japanese, we were asked to remove our shoes before we proceed to our dining table. We didn’t sit on the floor though, but we sat on a tiny chair covered with white cloth. It’s not really convenient for a tall guy like me; I bumped my knee against the dining table several times. Another perk, professional drivers get free lunch too (well-off dads and boyfriends who claim to be drivers are not included) and if you are celebrating your birthday, you will get a cake. You just have to present your ID with your date of birth for proof. ;)

Ryuma restaurant sells daily lunch meals ranging from P100 to P200 and this includes soup, salad, meal, dessert and house tea. It’s really affordable compared to other Japanese Restaurants in the metro, sushis on the other hand range from 100 to 300.

One of the best things in Ryuma is the band that approaches each table to perform at least 2 songs. They asked us to request any song, I asked them to play Mas que nada (the famous Brazilian song) one of my favorites. I was expecting they’ll ask for something else but no, they played it right away. They were really great! All of us ended up dancing.

Albeit, Ryuma Restaurant appears to be incomprehensible because of its uncommon interior design and really bright lights, I’m pretty sure you are going to love it. I could not resist myself from taking pictures of the dishes for it was beautifully done. So, scroll down the page and drool on with some of my shots.

California Maki

Ryuma Restaurant - Tamago


Ryuma Restaurant Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkutsu Ramen

Ryuma Restaurant Sauce Yakisoba

Sauce Yakisoba

Ryuma Restaurant Agedashi Dofu

Agedashi Dofu

Ryuma Restaurant Seafood Ramen

Seafood Ramen

Ryuma Restaurant

Ryuma Restaurant

The fact that this is the nearest Japanese restaurant from my place that serves authentic Japanese cuisine will make me go here over and over again. It was a really great experience. But of course, I can not deny that the main reason it was a fun night is because of the people I am with. Nothing beats a simple pig-out night with best buddies. I will see you again, Ryuma!

おやすみなさい みんな。