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Stay On Track


Stay On Track
By: Danee Liz

We all have various reasons for getting fit-to get a confidence boost to ask that girl out, to finally don those slim-fitting pants, or to stay away from health scares that come with age. For Nelson Caparas, his initial drive came from wanting to dance. This 27-year-old copywriter used to weigh 240 lbs. The product of bad eating habits, he remembers that he began gaining weight as early as 11 years old when he developed  the habit of eating instant noodles, processed meat, and junk food as his go-to snacks. It didn’t help that he had too much access to his mom’s sari-sari store. The unfortunate outcome: the pounds kept piling on until his 3rd
year in college.


Caparas realized he needed a change when, unfazed by his weight, he decided to follow his passion for dancing. He auditioned for his university’s dance group, but was out before the final leg of auditions. He blamed his lack of conditioning. “I knew it was my fault because I knew I lost my
energy even before reaching the final stages of the auditions.” He then finally decided to get serious about losing weight.

Caparas tried a series of diets, and he even got to a point where he starved himself trying the most extreme of “cleansing” diets. “The first time I tried the lemonade detox. it was dreadful. Technically, you‘re not eating anything while you’re on the program and for someone who loves food, it was very difficult.

Realizing that fad diets weren’t the way to go, Caparas knew that he had to be more meticulous with his food choices. But as a self confessed foodie, he knew it would take a lot of will power. Still, he started cutting out chips in his diet. He also decided to go cold turkey on sodas and other sweetened drinks.


In August 2006, Caparas finally made it to his school’s cheerdancing team. With dance practice everyday and a clean diet to follow, he lost 50 lbs in less than six months. When people began noticing, it motivated him more. “From the day I lost 50 lbs, I promised myself I would never go back to how I was before.”
Caparas was determined in improve his progress. And he covered all his fitness and nutrition bases in detail. “I kept a clean diet and always made sure that I ate healthy. I also read the nutrition facts before I purchased my snacks. I exercised everyday, and didn’t just stop training.” It was a gradual process that required patience and perseverance, that’s why Caparas continued to tweak his diet until he got results that he was looking for. “I only reached a normal BMI (Body Mass Index) in 2010 when I cut rice from my diet and stuck with vegetables, fruits, and lean meat.”


Even after finishing his degree and landing a job, Caparas’ dedication didn’t waver, as he wanted to keep being healthy. To this day, he stays on the path toward his fitness goals and chooses not to be derailed. Caparas keeps the pounds at bay by frequenting the gym but fine-tunes his workouts to steer clear of plateaus. “At present, I’m focusing on compound exercises and work out three times a week,” he says.

When it comes to his meal plan, his day starts with either a healthy serving of muesli and soya bean extract or two hard-boiled eggs. Brunch is an egg sandwich on wheat bread or apples with nuts. For lunch, it’s a combo of steamed broccoli, carrots, and chicken breast or wheat pasta with pesto. Then, he goes back to muesli for dinner. “Aside from muesli, I eat oatmeal and rolled oats and just add fresh fruits for flavor.” Caparas also never forgets to “drink 15-20 glasses of water a day, and more when working out” to have a well-hydrated system.

Today, Caparas couldn’t be more pleased with what he can do, thanks to
all the sustained hard work he already put in. “Right now, I’m sticking with
what works for me. I don’t have to starve myself to lose weight but in fact,
I have to eat more to lose more. I just eat the right kind of food this time.

Thanks to Men’s Health Philippines for featuring my story. And of course, thanks to Mr. Lamar Roque for assistance, Mr. Migs Castro for the awesome photograph, and Miss Danee Liz for a very well written article. You guys are great! :)

Don’t forget to grab a copy of Men’s Health magazine; they are celebrating their 8th year this month (Dingdong Dantes and Bea Alonzo are on the cover). ;)

Fly The Flag

Hello! It’s been a while.

I just want to inform my co-cabin crew aspirants and followers that the flag carrier of the Philippines is doing their first Open Day (OD) this coming weekend. OD as we know it is the initial assessment of cabin crew applicants for a certain airline. What normally happens in an OD are submission of your updated resume, physical evaluation and a small talk with one of the airline’s recruiters. Here’s the poster I got from Philippine Airlines’ Facebook Page: Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines Fly The Flag

Philippine Airlines Fly The Flag

I applied for the same post exactly one year ago; apparently I didn’t make it. What happened during my impact interview (see here for the full story: A Very Long Way To Go) was: a short presentation of yourself (tell something interesting about what you do, your hobbies, etc.) and it normally lasts for 2-3 minutes, and an impromptu physical evaluation (face, teeth, skin, elbows, vision, etc.). At the end of the initial assessment, they handed us a small slip of paper telling if: we made it to the next level, conditional (you’re still considered but needs improvement) and a no. I got the latter. Hahaha. This year, PR (Philippine Airlines’ IATA Code) is holding their first OD at the Diamond Hotel on August 11-12, 2012. Registration will be from 8AM – 10AM. Those who will come beyond the registration period will not be accommodated. The activity will last roughly 8 hours (8AM-5PM). Interested applicants must come in business attire with their close-up and whole body pictures. The size of the picture wasn’t indicated on the poster/announcement so it’s better if you bring 3R and 4R for both pictures (just to make sure).

Tips for males: They prefer stubble free face, and wear any pastel colored top. That’s how they did it last year; I’m not really sure if it’s still the same this year so, it’s up to you. Alright, rain or shine I’ll see you there! Let’s put our best foot forward! :D

For more details: Philippine Airlines Career Webpage


Summer came a little early for us (apparently, this is a late post). We arrived in Bohol via SuperCat from Cebu in the afternoon at around 4:30PM (January, 2012). Exhausted from touring around Cebu City, we decided to indulge ourselves all night, enjoy the beach, and rest in our place. We stayed in Alona Hidden Dream Resort, it was such a beautiful place and very affordable.

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Alona Hidden Dream Hotel

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Alona Hidden Dream Resort

The three of us decided to explore Bohol City the day after we arrived. We woke up at around 6:00 to prepare for one whole day of excursion. Our first stop: the Hinagdanan Cave (Bat Cave).

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Python Albino

Albino Bohol Python

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Loboc River

Buffet lunch on a boat. :D

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Malunggay Ice Cream

Malunggay Ice Cream

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Zip Line

Zip Line – Yes, that was after pigging out.

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip View From The Zip Line

View From The Zip Line

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Cable Car

Cable Car – The three of us on a cable car. It was scarier than the zip line. Haha!

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip The Philippine Tarsier

The Philippine Tarsier

Tarsiers are nocturnal and suicidal. If they get really depressed and stressed, they bump their head onto something until they die. Here are more interesting facts about Tarsiers: The Philippine Tarsier.

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Chocolate Hills

The most famous attraction of Bohol, the Chocolate Hills (in the background :D ).

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Man Made Mahogany Forest

The very Twilight-ish Man Made Mahogany Forest. Oh, there’s Bella driving the truck. :D

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Bohol Sunset

The breathtaking view from the shore after a long day. :)

The photos below were taken on our last day in Bohol. :)

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Tagbilaran Beach Sunrise

Alona Beach Sunrise

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Alona Beach Seaweeds

Alona Beach Seaweeds

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Tagbilaran Beach Seaweeds formed Bohol


Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Snorkeling

That’s me snorkeling. ;)

Nelson Caparas Bohol Trip Collage of pictures

Click on the collage of pictures I took from Bohol for a slideshow of photos. :)

Bohol, we’ll see each other again! :)

Silver Plus One

I am now over a quarter century (sounds so old) and today is my first year of being 25. Just like in the movie In Time (where people don’t age after 25 so long as they have enough “time” to live), I’ll do my best to feel and look 25 forever. Oh well, good luck with that. My original post for my natal day isn’t this, I’m just too preoccupied with a lot of things lately (work, Draw Something, The Hunger Games, loads of TV Series. I know, I know. :D ). I’ll probably post it before the month ends. For  now, let me share you how I look like 25 years ago.

Nelson Caparas Baby

One year old Nelson Caparas taken at Dors Studio

Thanks to those who greeted me on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, forums and SMS, that’s enough to complete my special day. That’s the only thing that makes someone’s birthday different from the normal days. You don’t get a lot of mentions, wall posts, e-mails and text messages in a normal day, yes? The day probably has not started yet but I need to sleep now. Good night! :)

Thanks to my favorite sister’s Cloud Nine Cake from Claudette’s. It was really good! :p

Claudette's Cloud Nine Cake

Claudette's Cloud Nine Cake